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Version 5.1 released

We’ve just released version 5.1 of MAMP & MAMP PRO. This update is available for download and contains some bug fixes and improvements.


  • Updated components
    • MySQL 5.7.23
    • phpMyAdmin 4.8.3
  • New components
    • Extensions to use Redis from PHP, Perl, Python & Ruby


  • Fixed a crash when retrieving the MySQL password


  • The Create Snapshot toolbar item gets highlighted again when a snapshot is being created.
  • The Memcached and Redis extensions for PHP are now only enabled when GroupStart is enabled for these servers.
  • PHP versions can be removed from inside MAMP PRO.
  • Fixed a crash when reading the user ID
  • Edit windows support proxy icons in the titlebar – when possible.
  • The checkbox “Automatically resolve aliases and symbolic links” now works correctly in open dialogs.
  • You can no longer create snapshots if there is not enough free disk space.
  • Host-specific ports are no longer ignored.
  • Fixed a crash when creating/restoring a snapshot
  • Added MySQL user “mamp” as a “root” stand-in for emergencies

Don’t hesitate to report any other bug you may find to our bugbase so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

On switching from HEX & RGB to HSL

Most of us web developers still use the Hexadecimal and RGB(A) color formats to specify color values. However, there are signs of a turnaround towards the HSL format. Why you should change and how this could happen can be read in the article “On Switching from HEX & RGB to HSL” by Sara Soueidan (Freelance Front-End Web UI/UX Developer from Lebanon).

August 20, 2018 — Dirk Einecke

Version 5.0.4 released

We’ve just released version 5.0.4 of MAMP PRO. This update is only available via the in-app update function of MAMP PRO and contains some bug fixes and improvements.

  • MySQL no longer wrongly reports failed starts.
  • Redis starts more reliably when using the ‘redis’ user account.
  • Editor
    • Fixed an auto layout bug on Mac OS X 10.10
    • No longer crashes when opening a file in a new window
  • MAMP PRO can now start the update of the complete MAMP package.
  • Automatically created snapshots now have “[auto]” in their name.
  • When purging old snapshots “[auto]” snapshots are removed first, then the oldest snapshots, until only 100 or less snapshots per host are left.
  • Included remote server information in Summary
  • Inactive hosts will no longer be written to the /etc/hosts file.
  • Fixed an exception when updating a component
  • A new toolbar item to show/hide the sidebar of the main window
  • Added publish and import host entries to the contextual menu of the hosts’ list and the action menu
  • Added progress indicator to update window
  • Reduced use of external tools

Don’t hesitate to report any other bug you may find to our bugbase so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

New icons for your website

If the icons of Font Awesome (or similar projects) do not match your creative website, then theDoodleLibrary is definitely worth a look.

theDoodleLibrary is an expanding collection of reusable simple drawings and doodles in a vector (SVG) format. The images are free to share and adapt – mix and match to create visual stories that increase comprehension, retention and delight your audience.

Xdebug with Visual Studio Code

If you work quite often with PHP, you will soon notice that debugging with the functions print_r() and var_dump() is quite difficult and do not always lead to the target. For this reason there is the PHP extension Xdebug. This PHP extension is already integrated into MAMP PRO and you only have to activate it by clicking a checkbox.

Now all that is missing is a nice visual presentation of the data provided by Xdebug. For example, you can use Visual Studio Code (VSC). For this editor there is an excellent extension “PHP Debug” by Felix Becker. To install, simply open the extension view in VSC and search for “PHP Debug”, click on the green “Install” button and your environment is ready.

Now you are not only informed about errors you made during programming, but you can also examine all variables and their values during the runtime of your PHP program by setting breakpoints. Only in this way it is possible to develop websites efficiently and professionally with PHP.

JavaScript —
library for visualization

Do you know Pts? We don’t know exactly what all these effects of this JavaScript library can be used for, but they look pretty cool. You’re tempted to do something with it yourself. Do you?

Like seeing the Big Dipper in a sky full of stars, Pts helps you connect the dots in the vastness of conceptual spaces. Pts enables you to compose and express what you see in your mind’s eyes — points as ideas, shapes, colors, motions, interactions, and more.

Perspective Website Presentation Mockup

“The Screens” is a great PSD Mockup for showcasing your website design project. With the help of Smart Objects, you can easily implement your own artwork. All shadows are available as separate layers and can be quickly adjusted.

The mockup is ideal for presenting responsive websites: it contains a desktop computer, an iPhone and special layers for mobile menus. The PSD file is in high-resolution with 4.000 × 3.000 pixels and has a adjustment layer so the background can be easily altered. “The Screens” is a work by Tran Mau Tri Tam and can be downloaded  for free.