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New icons for your website

If the icons of Font Awesome (or similar projects) do not match your creative website, then theDoodleLibrary is definitely worth a look.

theDoodleLibrary is an expanding collection of reusable simple drawings and doodles in a vector (SVG) format. The images are free to share and adapt – mix and match to create visual stories that increase comprehension, retention and delight your audience.

Perspective Website Presentation Mockup

“The Screens” is a great PSD Mockup for showcasing your website design project. With the help of Smart Objects, you can easily implement your own artwork. All shadows are available as separate layers and can be quickly adjusted.

The mockup is ideal for presenting responsive websites: it contains a desktop computer, an iPhone and special layers for mobile menus. The PSD file is in high-resolution with 4.000 × 3.000 pixels and has a adjustment layer so the background can be easily altered. “The Screens” is a work by Tran Mau Tri Tam and can be downloaded  for free.

Your body text is too small

Body text is the key component in communicating the main bulk of a message or story, and it’s probably the most important element on a website, even if people sometimes read just the headlines.

The days of tiny fonts on websites are long gone. But what is the situation today and where is the journey heading? Learn more about this topic: Your body text is too small (by Xtian Miller).

August 8, 2018 — Dirk Einecke