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WordPress 5.1 out now

More performance and more security

WordPress 5.1 is codenamed “Betty” and focuses on the Gutenberg block editor introduced in the previous version. Users have now a faster access and the text input  is smoother. WordPress stated that the next updates will continue here.

Besides “Betty” introduces the Site-Health-Feature. This warns users if the PHP version they are using is outdated. The function also notifies users if they want to install a plugin that requires a newer PHP version. So far WordPress had only checked if the WordPress version is up-to-date enough.

In addition, WordPress has integrated a new JavaScript build process and added new filters to the Cron API to modify the cron memory. WordPress 5.1  comes with a new database table that lets the CMS store multisite metadata.

WordPress —
Create sitemap.xml without PlugIn

If you want to create a sitemap.xml (for example for Google’s Search Console) with WordPress and do not want to use a plug-in, you can do this with the following PHP code. This must be in the functions.php file of the theme. In this example, all posts and pages are listed in the sitemap file. As soon as a post or a page is created or modified, the sitemap file is rewritten.

If you publish the WordPress blog via MAMP PRO (Remote-Tab), you have to replace the local host with the target host name when outputting the URL (field <loc>). The following example shows this.

Say hello to the new WordPress editor

If you are already curious about what WordPress 5 will offer, take a look at the beta of the new editor “Gutenberg”.

We call the new editor Gutenberg. The entire editing experience has been rebuilt for media rich pages and posts. Experience the flexibility that blocks will bring, whether you are building your first site, or write code for a living.

At the WordPress experts of Kinsta you will also find an article with pros and cons. Also as a theme developer you have to pay attention to some things around the new editor.